Integration Settings

The Integration Settings page allows you to connect your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and other third-party services to streamline your recruitment process. This guide will help you set up and manage these connections.

Accessing Integration Settings

To access Integration Settings:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on the plug icon in the top navbar.

CRM Connection

  • Connect your CRM: Click the 'Connect your CRM' button to integrate your CRM system. This will allow you to sync your recruitment data with your customer relationship management tools.
  • Sync CRM data: After connection, use this button to manually sync data between the ATS and your CRM.
  • Write new applications to CRM contacts: Toggle this to decide if new applicants should be automatically added to your CRM contacts.

Voyse Public API

  • Voyse API Key: This key allows you to integrate your Voyse account with other software tools. Keep this key secure and do not share it publicly.
  • Generate new API Key: If you need to replace your current API key, use this button. Note that this will require updating the key in all places it's used.

Other 3rd Party Connections

Google for Jobs

  • List job ads on Google Jobs: Check this option to automatically list your job postings on Google Jobs, increasing their visibility.

Google Tag Manager

  • Tag Manager Container ID: Enter the ID for your Google Tag Manager container to track interactions with your job postings.


  • Idibu Account Hash: Provide your Idibu account hash to connect and synchronize job listing data.

LinkedIn XML Job Listings

  • LinkedIn Company ID: Input your LinkedIn Company ID to link your job ads to your LinkedIn company profile.

Google Search Console

  • Verification meta tag value: Input the meta tag value provided by Google Search Console to verify ownership of your Voyse microsite.

Legacy Integrations


  • Greenhouse API Key: Enter your Greenhouse API key to connect your Greenhouse ATS.
  • Greenhouse Board Token: Input your board token if required.
  • Import Internal Jobs: Toggle this to 'Yes' if you wish to import internal jobs from Greenhouse into Voyse.
  • Import Greenhouse Jobs: Click this button to manually trigger an update of job postings from Greenhouse.


  • Client ID: Your SmartRecruiters client ID as provided by the SmartRecruiters integration settings.
  • Client Secret: Your SmartRecruiters client secret as provided by the SmartRecruiters integration settings.
  • Import Smart Recruiters Jobs: Use this to manually trigger an update of job postings from SmartRecruiters.

Saving Changes

Remember to click 'Save Changes' after configuring your settings to ensure all your integrations are updated and active.

Ensure that you provide accurate and secure information when connecting third-party services to maintain the integrity of your data. If you need assistance or have specific questions about a field, please contact our support team.

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