Contacts List View

The Contacts List View is an organized database where you can manage the contact details of individuals associated with your applications, and can be synced with your commercial CRM. For users of the Voyse Talent Pipeline, contacts are added automatically when job applications are submitted.

Accessing Contacts List View

To manage your contacts:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select 'Contacts' from the left-hand navigation menu to access the list of all contacts.

Understanding the Contacts List View

The Contacts List View provides the following information for each contact:

  • First Name: The given name of the contact.
  • Last Name: The family or surname of the contact.
  • Email Address(es): The primary email address associated with the contact, with an indication if there are additional email addresses.

Managing Contacts

Add a New Contact

  • Click the '+ Add contact' button to manually enter a new contact's details into your database.

Editing and Viewing Contact Details

  • Click on a contact's name to view more details or to edit their information.

Bulk Actions

  • Use the checkboxes next to the contacts' names to select multiple contacts for bulk actions.
  • With contacts selected, you may perform bulk deletions.

Filtering and Sorting

  • Use the 'Filters' button to apply specific criteria to narrow down the list of contacts displayed.
  • 'Edit columns' allows you to customize which columns you want to display in the list view.

Exporting Data

  • Click 'Export to CSV' to download the contact details. This feature is useful for backing up your contact data or for use in other applications such as email marketing tools.

Pagination Controls

  • Navigate through multiple contacts using the pagination controls at the bottom of the list.
  • Adjust the 'Items per page' dropdown to display more or fewer contacts on a single page.

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