Creating/Editing Landing Pages

Accessing Edit Landing Page

To edit a landing page:

  1. Navigate to the 'Landing Pages' section from the main menu.
  2. Click on the landing page you wish to edit or create a new one.

Page Content Tab

This tab is divided into sections for title, template selection, and content areas:

Page Title and Template

  • Page Title: Enter the name of your landing page. This title is typically what your visitors will see in their browser's tab and might be used by search engines.
  • Select Template: Choose a predefined template that matches the layout you prefer for your landing page. Templates can provide a consistent look and feel or be tailored for specific types of campaigns.

Adding and Managing Content

  • Page Content: Here, you can add and manage up to three predefined content sections, depending on the number of dynamic content areas in the page template.

SEO & Metadata Tab

Meta Description

  • Meta Description: This is a brief summary of your landing page's content. It should concisely explain what visitors will find on the page. This description is used by search engines to provide context to users in search results. Keep it within 160 characters for optimal display.

Meta Image

  • Meta Image: This is the image that represents your landing page when shared on social media or displayed in search results. Click 'Select Image' to upload a relevant picture from your Voyse image library. It's often the first visual impression users will have of your page, so choose an image that is closely related to the content of your landing page.

Additional Features

  • Default Page Toggle: If this landing page is meant to be the root page for your Voyse content, set it as the default.
  • Published Toggle: Switch to 'Published' to make the page live on your website. You can toggle this off to unpublish the page at any time.

Saving Your Work

  • Click 'Save Changes' to update your landing page with the new content.
  • Review the landing page by visiting the URL to ensure everything appears as expected.

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