Landing Pages List View

Accessing the Landing Pages List View

To view your landing pages:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select 'Landing Pages' from the left-hand navigation menu.

Understanding the Landing Pages List View

The Landing Pages List View displays the following information:

  • Page Title: The name of the landing page.
  • Template: The design template used for the landing page.
  • Created: The date and time when the landing page was created.
  • Updated: The most recent date and time the landing page was updated.
  • Status: Indicates whether the landing page is currently published or unpublished.

Managing Landing Pages

Create a New Landing Page

  • Click the '+ Create Landing Page' button to begin designing a new page.

Edit Landing Page

  • Click on a page title to edit the landing page details or to change its template.

Page Status

  • Check the status column to see if a page is live (Published) or not (Unpublished).
  • Use the toggle within the edit mode of each landing page to change its publication status.


  • Use the pagination controls at the bottom to navigate between multiple pages if you have more than one page of landing pages.
  • You can adjust the 'Items per page' dropdown to display more landing pages on a single page.

Bulk Actions

  • Use the checkboxes next to page titles to select multiple landing pages.
  • With landing pages selected, you may perform bulk deletions.

Customize Columns

  • Click 'Edit columns' to customize which data columns you want to see in the list view.

Saving Changes

Make sure to save any changes you make using the 'Save Changes' button.

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