Creating/Editing Jobs


The 'Edit Job' section is a comprehensive area where you can specify details for job listings, enhance their appearance, manage hiring campaigns, and optimize job postings for search engines and integrations. Each tab in this section serves a specific purpose:

Job Specification Tab


  • Job Summary

    • Job Title: The official title of the position.
    • Applications Email: The email address where applications will be sent.
    • Reference: A unique identifier for the job internally.
    • Template: Apply a Voyse visual job ad template to this job.
  • Job Descriptions

    • Job Summary: A brief overview of the job that will appear in search results and the beginning of the job post.
    • Job Description: The detailed description of the job including responsibilities, requirements, and any other relevant information.
  • Location

    • Reference: The internal job reference number.
    • Location: Physical address or remote location details.
    • Location Info: Any additional details about the job location.
  • Salary/Remuneration

    • Salary From - To: The range of salary that you are willing to offer for the position.
    • Rate Type: Specify whether the salary is provided annually, hourly, etc.
    • Salary/Remuneration Info: Any extra information about salary, bonuses, or other compensation details.
  • Additional Details

    • Employment Type: Whether the job is full-time, part-time, contract, etc.
    • Seniority: The level of seniority required for the role.
    • Business Unit: The specific division or department within the company.

Appearance Tab

Visual Elements

  • Job Video: Embed a video from your Voyse library or a 3rd party video provider to the job post.
  • Job Search Result Thumbnail Image: Upload an image that will represent this job in search results.
  • Job Logo Image: Choose an image to associate with the job posting, typically your company's logo.

Hiring Campaign Tab


  • Role Owner: Assign the main contact responsible for overseeing the recruitment process for this job position. This person will likely be the one to review applications and make hiring decisions.


  • Hiring Quota: Define how many positions are available for this job title and by what deadline candidates should apply. This helps set clear expectations for the hiring timeline.


  • Employee benefits: Highlight any unique benefits or perks that come with the job. This could include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, remote working options, etc. Be specific to attract candidates looking for these benefits.

Application Form Configuration

  • Right to Work: Include a checkbox for candidates to confirm they have the right to work in the specified location.
  • Candidate Location: Choose whether to request the location of the candidate, which can be important for roles with geographic requirements.
  • Mobile Applications: Decide if you want to allow candidates to apply using their mobile devices.
  • Skill/Experience asks: Specify any particular skills or experiences that candidates must have. This will help filter applicants and ensure they meet the basic requirements for the role.

Custom Application Questions

  • Question Text: Here you can add custom questions to the application form to gather more specific information from candidates.
  • Question Type: Select the type of response you’re looking for—text, multiple choice, etc.
  • Required: Indicate if the question is mandatory for the applicant to answer.

SEO & Integrations Tab

Optimization and Sharing

  • 3rd Party Integrations: Enable the option to bypass the Voyse Talent Pipeline and send applications to a third-party URL if needed.
  • SEO & Metadata: Improve online visibility by adding hashtags, a meta description, and a meta image that will appear in search results and social shares.

Saving and Publishing

  • Save Changes: After editing, click 'Save Changes' to update the job post.
  • Accept Applications: Toggle this option to begin accepting applications.
  • Published: Switch to 'Published' to make the job live on your Voyse deployment.

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